• Botanic on the Streets of Leeds: Seasonal bar reopens as Gin Kitchen

Botanic on the Streets of Leeds: Seasonal bar reopens as Gin Kitchen

9 March 2016 by Thom Archer

Spring is currently springing (Don’t look out of the window at the dreariness outside - just take our word for it) and with it, brings the need for a suitable libation; something crisp, fresh, and floral, something like gin.  Actually, something exactly like gin.  Gin!

Hedonist Project - the guys who have been serving cockle-warming whisky cocktails throughout the winter under the guise of The Liquor Store & Whisky Parlour - are switching their Lower Briggate residence up, and becoming Old Tom’s Gin Kitchen from the end of this month onwards.

The drinks menu will showcase unusual and premium gins, either served as Gin & Tonic serves, mixed with in-house crafted sodas (in honour of Leeds being the birthplace of carbonated drinks, fact-fans) and of course, as this is The Hedonist Project, shaken, stirred and strained into unique cocktails.

This isn’t the first time The Hedonist Project has dabbled with Mothers’ Ruin - last spring they teamed up with Si Ord of Smokestack to open their debut concept Hogarth’s Gin Joint.  Tom Finnon, Drinks Director at The Hedonist Project says that this is an expansion on what they did last year, rather than a recreation:

“With a year under our belts we've got that extra bit of stability to really push the boundaries on food and drinks - and we're really excited about the possibilities the versatility of gin opens up. Hogarth’s was great in its own way, but this is a different beast all together. ’’

The vast range of botanicals infused in their selection of gins opens up a world of flavour opportunities, so expect Vera Lynn - a gin sour with pineapple and matcha tea - a jasmine-inspired Negroni, and a menu that intertwines the various botanical properties - we’ve been teased with light lunches of Juniper-cured salmon with crab mayonnaise, and hearty spring mains like lamb cutlets with sautéed greens.  We're looking forward to seeing what else they’ve got in store for us when they open up on March 30th.