• Kirkgate Market Announces New Food Court Traders

Kirkgate Market Announces New Food Court Traders

27 May 2016 by Thom Archer

Anybody's who's been lost in the labrynth of mid-renovation Kirkgate Market in the past six months will be glad to hear that the £13m revamp of 1976 Hall is complete, and what's more, the proud operators of the new Food Hall area have been announced.

The hall, built in 1976 (obviously) is being brought right up into 2016 with a street food concept similar to that of Trinity Kitchen - large, open, communal seating areas for casual dining, with a selection of permanent, street-food inspired stalls for customers to choose from.  The most notable of which is Manjit's Kitchen - the vegetarian Indian kitchen who has been instrumental in the development of Leeds' street food scene, and a mainstay of local food events ever since.

With Majit's Kitchen being such a key protagonist in Leeds' current food scene - a kind of figurehead of the community - it seems fitting that they're taking such a major role in this Leeds institution's latest chapter.  It also seems right that after spending so much time under tarpaulins and in horse-boxes, Manjit and her Husband Michael get a permanent roof over their head, and a bit more room to maneuver in the kitchen.

Manjit's will be joined by Cafe Moor, the North African restaurant that has been bringin lunchtime trade to the market for shwarama sandwiches and falafel wraps for years, Bahn and Mee, the husband and wife team serving Vietnamese sandwiches, salads and sides, Jenny's Jerk Chicken, Turkish Bakery Zm Zm, filled Yorkshire Pudding-wrap slingers Yorkshire Wrap Company, and speciality tearoom Teapot.

1976 Hall's grand re-opening takes place on May 31st, with all of the food court traders due to be open by June 4th.